"Descent of Man," Edition II, in one volume, published (Preface dated September).

"Coral Reefs," Edition II., published. April 1st:

Began "Insectivorous Plants."

February to May: Contributed notes to "Nature."

1875. July 2nd:

"Insectivorous Plants" published (3000 copies); 2700 copies sold immediately. July 6th:

"Correcting 2nd edition of 'Variation under Domestication.'" It was published in the autumn.

September 1st (approximately): Began on "Cross and Self-Fertilisation."


Vivisection Commission.

1876. May 5th:

"Finished MS., first time over, of "Cross and Self-Fertilisation." May to June:

Correction of "Fertilisation of Orchids," Edition II. Wrote his Autobiographical Sketch.

May and November: Contributions to "Nature."

August 19th:

First proofs of "Cross and Self-Fertilisation." November 10th:

"Cross and Self-Fertilisation" published (1500 copies).

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