During all the early part of the year at work on the "Worm book." Several contributions to "Nature."

October 10th:

The book on "Earthworms" published: 2000 copies sold at once. November:

At work on the action of carbonate of ammonia on plants. 1882.

No entries in the Diary. February:

At work correcting the sixth thousand of the "Earthworms." March 6th and March 16th:

Papers on the action of Carbonate of Ammonia on roots, etc., read at the Linnean Society.

April 6th:

Note to "Nature" on Dispersal of Bivalves. April 18th:

Van Dyck's paper on Syrian Dogs, with a preliminary notice by Charles Darwin, read before the Zoological Society.

April 19th:

Charles Darwin died at Down.

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