September 29th:

Finished Chapters VII. and VIII.

September 30th to December 29th: Working on Hybridism.

Paper on the Agency of Bees in the Fertilisation of Papilionaceous Flowers.

1858. March 9th:

"Finished Instinct chapter." June 18th:

Received Mr. Wallace's sketch of his evolutionary theory. July 1st:

Joint paper of Darwin and Wallace read at the Linnean Society. July 20th to July 27th:

"Began Abstract of Species book," i.e., the "Origin of Species," at Sandown, I.W.

Paper on Bees and Fertilisation of Flowers.

1859. May 25th:

Began proof-sheets of the "Origin of Species." November 24th:

Publication of the "Origin": 1250 copies printed.

October 2nd to December 9th:

At the water-cure establishment, Ilkley, Yorkshire.

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