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Figure 4. Anti-proliferative effect of Lactobacillus species on murine normal and cancer cell lines.

Murine cell lines were exposed to LGG in the absence (A) and the presence (B) of streptomycin.

When a perceptible tumour mass was present before treatment, the microbe was unable to cure mice. Takahashi et al. [22], who reported the effect of L. casei strain Shirota on orthotopically-implanted murine bladder tumours obtained from MBT-2 tumour cells implanted in the C3H/He mouse model, used intravesical L. casei and BCG to compare the efficacy of these 2 microbes. They reported thatZ. casei was more efficacious than BCG. However, this finding is non-conclusive as the MBT-2 murine bladder cancer model is known to be non-responsive to BCG therapy.

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