The Protection Of Res By Rdlps Against Radiation And Alcoholinduced Injury

The reticuloendothelial system (RES) plays an important role in host defence by the removal of foreign material. For this reason we have examined the effect of RD-LPS on RES activity. A method of isotope (tKI,nTc-lahelled nanoalbumon microcolloid) removal from the blood was established. This method is very sensitive and is suitable for the detection of granulopetic activity and efficiency. The clearance curve that described RES activity was of exponential nature and it was well characterized by the granulopectic index. The liver, spleen and bone marrow cells took up the Wn'Tc-labelled nanoalbumon microcolloid. The extent of RES damage was measured by colloid clearance and organ distribution. The effect of radiation and chronic alcohol consumption has been investigated. Under these conditions colloid clearance was decreased, as was phagocytic activity in the liver, spleen and bone marrow. It was shown that large doses of LPS damaged the RES system, whereas identical doses of RD-LPS were actually stimulatory on phagocytosis. Moreover, the harmful effects of damaging agents on RES activity could be decreased or fully prevented by treatment with RD-LPS, It is likely that the increase in RES activity plays a role in the stimulation of natural resistance [44,45].

Alcohol No More

Alcohol No More

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