The Interaction Of Rdlps With The Complement System

The complement system is fundamental to host defence, and LPS is capable of activating this system. Therefore, it was important to examine RD-LPS from this point of view and to compare it with toxic LPS. Ionizing radiation decreased, in a dose-dependent manner, the hypotensive (in dogs) and shock-inducing capacity (in dogs and rats) and complement-activating capacity of LPS. Thus, both the lethal and anti-complement effect of LPS was decreased by ionizing radiation. We observed that LPS is capable to activate complement by both the 'classical' and 'alternative' pathways. Although RD-LPS showed a dose-dependent decrease in the activation of both pathways, the activation of the alternative pathway was less affected. This observation confirms our earlier findings that the two pathways are activated by different parts of the LPS molecule [33], Our results clearly demonstrated that there is a close correlation between LPS toxicity and its complement-activating capacity. It was concluded that complement activation may be used for the measurement of detoxification.

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

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