The Effect Of Rdlps On The Endocrine System

4.1. Thyroid gland

LPS affects the membrane and TSH receptor of follicular cells in the thyroid [34,35], We demonstrated in rats that RD-LPS, although it decreases T4 (thyroxin) level in the serum, has no significant effect on the membrane and TSH receptor of follicular cells, and TSH was found to be effective in the stimulation of T4 production. This indicates that RD-LPS is not capable of inducing membrane alterations, which would damage membrane receptors, yet it affects membranes as indicated by the induction of endotoxin tolerance [36,37], Similar results were found in irradiated animals or in various animal models of experimental shock [35,38,39],

4.2. Pituitary-adrenal axis

It is known from experiments in rats that LPS, either by direct effect or via cytokines - increases the circulating level of stress hormones (ACTH, corticosteroid, beta-endorphin) and activates the pituitary-adrenal axis. Such activation is present in the absence of the paraventricular nucleus, which secretes releasing neuropeptides towards the hypophysis [40,41], In contrast, RD-LPS does not increase significantly ACTH, corticosteroid or beta-endorphin levels. These results indicate that ionizing radiation destroys the capacity of LPS to induce cytokines and to activate the pituitary-adrenal axis [37,42],

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