The Effect Of Rdlps On Arachidonic Acid Metabolism In Macrophages

Endotoxin tolerance is so far the best model to study natural resistance. For this reason it is imperative that we understand its mechanisms. During the mediator production of macrophages is altered, which is considered to be of significance for the induction of natural resistance. Therefore, it was warranted to study in rats the effect of RD-LPS on macrophages in comparison with unaltered LPS. Our results indicate that RD-LPS is capable of inducing macrophage activation

Figure 3. Nitrite production (A) and iNOS activity (B) by J 774 macrophages exposed to DMHM only (control). RD-LPS or native LPS (10 ng/ml) for 24 h. Rach value represents the mean ± SEM of N= 18 wells from three independent experiments. PcO.OI versus control.

A. NO formation control: 1+0.8 [iM B. iNOS activity control: 0.1 ±0 pM(mg/min)1

RD-LPS: 2.3 + 2.0 uM RD-LPS; 0.3 ±0.01 pMOng/min)'1

similar to toxic LPS, and LPS tolerance is also induced. lis capacity to induce arachidonie acid production persisted significantly longer than its capacity to inhibit endotoxin shock [43],

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