Links Between Innate And Adaptive Immunity

There are many examples illustrating that the natural immune system serves as a foundation, on which the adaptive immune system has evolved. Briefly, the macrophage, which is a principal co-ordinator of natural immunity, is also fundamental to adaptive immunity as an antigen presenting cell. Moreover, macrophages initiate the acute phase response, which leads to the inactivation of the thymus and the inhibition of adaptive immunity. B lymphocytes secreting natural antibodies may have an effect on any lymphocyte of the adaptive system that expresses Fc-receptors. Natural killer cells produce IFN-gamma and other cytokones that affect cells of the adaptive system. Defensins also affect adaptive immunity. Complement has been established as a vital link between natural and acquired immunity, profoundly augmenting the antibody response to T-dependent antigens [79]. In turn, activated T cells produce INF-gamma, the major cytokine activator of macrophages.

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