Figure 3. Integration of TLR signaling specifies ihc response to a particular microbe. Different immunostimulatory features on tfie same microbe will engage diffcrem host receptors thai act in conceit lo read ihc microbial fingerprint. The ability of TLRs to form functional oligomers leaves the cell wilh a combinatorial repertoire for specific recognition of different pathogens. For instance, a motile Gram-negative bacterium (microbe I) will be recognized by TLR 4 (LPS) and TLR5 (flagcllin), whereas a motile Gram-positive bacterium (microbe 2) engages TLR2+1 (lipoproteins) and TLR5 tllagellin). The final response will result from integration oftlie signaling pathways downstream of ihc diltercni receptors. Diversity in specificity and outcome may also be fine-tuned by TLRs collaborating with other, non-TLR receptors, and by differential expression of TLRs in various cells.

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

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