Bile Deficiency And Parvovirus Infection

The importance of bile acids is further emphasised by the observation that the symptoms of acute parvovirus infection, which causes severe intestinal haemorrhage in dogs, closely resemble experimental endotoxin shock. During autopsy the characteristic finding is a dilated, tightly filled gallbladder. Endotoxin could be detected in the serum of such dogs using lead acetate sensitised animals [43], These observations suggest that parvovirus induced mucosal damage in the small intestine, which leads to haemorrhage, is likely to inhibit cholecystokinin (CCK) synthesis and CCK deficiency leads to bile retention. Partial bile acid deficiency occurs in the gut, which makes the absorption of endotoxin possible. It is likely that the sick dogs die of endotoxin shock [43],

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

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