A number of fundamental mechanisms have evolved to protect the mammalian host against various forms of injury and noxious stimuli. Since these mechanisms are harnessed upon encountering potentially cytotoxic conditions, and are distinct from classical immune responses, they are referred to as endogenous cytoprotective mechanisms. Induction of haem-oxygenase and induction of the heat shock response confer protection against a broad array of cytotoxic stimuli. Activation of anti-oxidant pathways is critical to survival in an aerobic environment, which is both permissive to life as we know it, but at the same time carries the ever present risk of generating toxic oxygen free radicals and their derivatives. Hypoxia inducible factor is a key transcription factor that directs the expression of genes necessary for adaptation to hypoxia and/or ischemia. Finally, nitric oxide is a ubiquitous molecule that appears to impact an ever increasing number of biological, physiological, pathophysiological processes. In keeping with this complexity, nitric oxide appears to have important cytoprotective properties that are dependent on both the context in which it is produced and the amount that is produced.

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

Do You Suffer From the Itching and Scaling of Psoriasis? Or the Chronic Agony of Psoriatic Arthritis? If so you are not ALONE! A whopping three percent of the world’s populations suffer from either condition! An incredible 56 million working hours are lost every year by psoriasis sufferers according to the National Psoriasis Foundation.

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