Nasopharyngeal Cancer

In a study of 272 patients with nasopharyngeal cancer, half were treated with radiation therapy and half with radiation combined with the formula Yi Qi Yang Yin Tang. The five-year relapse rate was 68 percent lower for patients who received the combined therapy (12 percent versus 38 percent). Three- and five-year survival rates also significantly improved in the group that had the combined treatment (87 percent versus 66 percent at three years, and 67 percent versus 48 percent at five years).70

In a study on 197 patients with stage III and IV naso-pharyngeal cancer, approximately half had radiotherapy in combination with Formula #1, and half received radiotherapy alone. After one year, survival was 91 percent in the combined treatment group and 80 percent in the one receiving only radiotherapy. After three years, the survival rates were 67 percent and 33 percent respectively, and after five years, they were 52 percent and 24 percent.71,72 Although Formula #1 contains Astragalus, most of the others in the formula are ones that, in Chinese herbal medicine terms, "reduce blood stagnation."

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