Background For Parts I And Ii

Part I of this book discusses cancer at the cellular level, and Part II discusses cancer at the level of the organism. The latter refers to interactions between groups of cancer cells (tumors) and the body. As we will see, a conglomeration of interrelated events occur within an individual cancer cell, as well as between tumors and the body, which allows a cancer to proliferate and spread. For convenience, I refer to these as procancer events. For example, one procancer event is the production of enzymes by tumors that allows them to invade local tissues. The mechanism-based approach to cancer treatment used throughout this book views each of these procancer events as a potential target for cancer inhibition. Although a very large number of procancer events occur during a tumor's life, to simplify and focus this approach, I group them into seven primary clusters of events. The inhibition of these seven event clusters thus becomes the goal of the mechanism-based approach outlined here.

This chapter defines the seven event clusters and identifies each with a strategy for cancer inhibition. In addition, we look more closely at why combinations of compounds will be most effective at inhibiting these seven clusters and why the synergism that occurs within combinations is needed for natural compounds to be effective. We will also look at how combinations of compounds might be designed, then introduce the natural compounds to be discussed. Finally, some practical information is provided to help the reader understand the concentrations reported and the relationship between animal doses and their human equivalents.

It seems useful to start with the basics of what occurs in cancer; thus we begin with a look at how normal cells behave and how a normal cell becomes a cancer cell during carcinogenesis.

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