Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis

1. High strength analytical grade agarose (Bio-Rad).

2. 5X TBE: 54 g Tris base, 27.5 g boric acid, 3.72 g EDTA per liter.

3. Bidistilled water.

4. Ethidium bromide (Sigma) 10 mg/mL. This flourescent dye is stored at 4°C and is lightsensitive. It is mutagen and may be carcinogenic. It should be handled wearing gloves and solutions containing EtBr should be disposed of properly.

5. Low Melt Agarose, preparative grade (Bio-Rad).

6. 50 kb ladder: X DNA can be ligated to produce a mixture of monomers, dimers, trimers, etc. On PFGE these concatemers produce a ladder of bands, each successive rung corresponding to a 50 kb increment.

7. DNA Molecular-weight Marker XV (Roche).

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