Yankauer Quick Reference: (yan-ker) Type of suction device.

Advanced Reference: A rigid plastic or metal suction device with fixed curved tip used in surgery (oral) and anaesthesia.

Y-can Quick Reference: Design of intravenous (IV) cannula.

Advanced Reference: Designed to have a main channel and side injection/ infusion port. There are two versions: a one-way and two-way. The oneway has a main channel with all injections given via a remote flexible side arm. The two-way appears similar but allows for an IV via the main channel and the side arm to run an infusion simultaneously.

Y-drip set Quick Reference: Bifurcated drip set.

Advanced Reference: IV giving-set which allows for two fluids, e.g. blood and saline, to be infused simultaneously.

Y-piece Quick Reference: Bifurcated connection, etc.

Advanced Reference: Usually refers to Y-piece connections in anaesthetic circuits but can be a connection in suction tubing, etc.

Y-plasty Quick Reference: Surgical revision of a scar.

Advanced Reference: Utilises a Y-shaped incision to reduce scar contracture.

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How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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