Xenograft Quick Reference: (sen-o graft) A type of organ or tissue graft.

Advanced Reference: A graft carried out between different species.

Xphoid Quick Reference: Sword shaped.

Advanced Reference: The xphoid process is the smallest of three parts of the sternum which articulates with the inferior end of the sternum and the seventh rib. Also referred to as the xiphisternum.

X-rays Quick Reference: Also known as Roentgen rays.

Advanced Reference: Electromagnetic radiation of shorter wave length than ultraviolet rays and are capable of penetrating many substances as well as producing changes in living matter. Due to this ability to affect matter, protection from X-rays is a vital part of theatre safety during exposure and takes the form of lead aprons, thyroid protectors, screens and most valuable of all, distance, as there is a degree of scatter of the rays. Monitoring badges are worn by those in regular contact with X-rays and records exposure and absorption levels.

Xylocaine Quick Reference: (sy-low-cane) Local anaesthetic (LA) agent.

Advanced Reference: Most commonly used LA agent also known as lignocaine. Can be used for infiltration, intravenous (IV), topical and in epidural/spinals. It has a rapid onset with an average duration of 1.5-2 hours and extended by the addition of adrenaline. Has toxic effects, if the maximum dose is exceeded. Also used as an anti-arrythmic.

Xylocard Quick Reference: (sy-low card) Proprietary anti-arrhythmic drug.

Advanced Reference: Used to treat heartbeat irregularities, such as ventricular ectopics and after various forms of heart attack. Available in a preloaded syringe for infusion. It is a preparation of anhydrous lignocaine.

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