Advanced Reference: Total hysterectomy, involving removal of uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, lymph glands, cervix and top portion of the vagina.

Whiplash Quick Reference: Neck injury commonly associated with automobile accidents.

Advanced Reference: Happens during sudden acceleration or deceleration when the head may be jerked forwards or backwards flexing and extending the neck causing injury to the cervical spine and related muscles.

Whipple's Quick Reference: Pancreaticoduodenectomy carried out due to carcinoma of the (head) of pancreas.

Advanced Reference: Removal of the carcinoma located at the head of the pancreas which also involves removal of the duodenum, part of the pyloric end of the stomach and part of the common bile duct. The free ends of these structures are then anastomosed separately to a loop of jejunum. If the tumour is inoperable and causing obstructive jaundice, this can be relieved by bypassing the site of obstruction, i.e. anastomosis between the gall bladder and jejunum or duodenum.

White matter Quick Reference: Medullated and fibrous part of the brain and spinal column.

Advanced Reference: Parts of the brain and spinal cord composed mainly of nerve fibres.

Whole blood Quick Reference: Term used to indicate a unit of blood that is complete in volume as when removed from the donor (plus anticlotting agents).

Advanced Reference: The term indicates the alternative to blood that has had volume (plasma) removed, i.e. 'packed-cells' or 'plasma-reduced blood' which is useful when volume replacement is not as critical or the entire objective.

Willis (circle of) Quick Reference: Circular system of arteries at the base of the brain.

Advanced Reference: Blood is carried to the skull by the left and right carotid and basilar arteries. The communicating branches form a ring. This arrangement provides an alternative supply if one artery fails but the main function of the circle is to balance the pressure of blood delivered to the brain.

Wilms' tumour Quick Reference: Malignant tumour of the kidney.

Advanced Reference: A nephroblastoma which occurs in children.

Wiring Quick Reference: Term used in relation to orthopaedic surgery regarding bone fixation.

Advanced Reference: Usually made of stainless steel and used to fixate bone fragments. Also refers to wiring of jaw (mandible) fractures. 11

Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome Quick Reference: Acardiac conduction abnormality.

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