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g Lorazepam Quick Reference: Antidepressant and anxiolytic.

Advanced Reference: One of the benzodiazepines used to treat anxiety, insomnia and as a pre-med. Available as Ativan.


Lordosis Quick Reference: Curvature of the spine.

Advanced Reference: Indicates towards the front. As with the natural curvature in the lumbar region which produces the hollow of the back. Kyphosis is the opposite to lordosis.

Lotion Quick Reference: Solutions or suspensions in water.

Advanced Reference: Lotions are used to carry medications as with skin treatments. Usually involves the drug being left behind after evaporation. Alcohol is usually added to assist the action. Common term for many skin preparations, often containing hibitane.

Lubricant Quick Reference: Generally refers to substances used to make bodily entrance easier and less traumatic.

Advanced Reference: KY jelly is a universally used lubricant, easy to use and water soluble. There are also lubricants containing LAs usually in a 2% strength of lignocaine and hibitane cream used mainly in obstetrics to lubricate the vulva during labour and childbirth. Besides being used on fingers, etc. for examination, are coated on instruments such as rigid scopes to facilitate easier passage.

Lucid Quick Reference: Relates to a clear state of the mind.

Advanced Reference: Indicates clear logical thinking.

Luer Quick Reference: Connecting system for cannulae, etc.

Advanced Reference: Originally just one of a number of connecting systems for intravenous (IV) sets, cannulae, etc. Now universally used and adapted to a 'Luer-Lock' system.

Lumbar Quick Reference: The part of the back between the lowest pair of ribs and the top of the pelvis.

Advanced Reference: The lumbar region is supported by the five lumbar vertebrae. The lumbar plexus is a group of nerves that supplies the skin and muscles of the lower abdomen, thighs and groin.

Lumbar puncture Quick Reference: Access into the spinal canal.

Advanced Reference: Involves the introduction of a needle into the spinal canal in order to draw off a specimen of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) N for examination. <:

Lumen Quick Reference: Space inside a tube. '■§

Advanced Reference: Indicates the cavity or space inside a tubular £ structure, as with the lumen of a blood vessel. §

Lungs Quick Reference: Main organs of respiration. ^

Advanced Reference: The lungs allow the exchange of gases into and ® out of the blood. Positioned either side of the heart/mediastinum with the g> left lung having two lobes and the right lung three. The lungs themselves is are made up of alveoli, bronchioles, blood vessels, nerves, connective and elastic tissue.

Lux Quick Reference: The unit of illumination.

Advanced Reference: Equivalent to one lumen per square metre of surface when measured at right angles to the direction of the light.

Lymphatic Quick Reference: (lim-fat-ic) Referring to lymph.

Advanced Reference: Also the lymphatic system and circulation.

Lymphocyte Quick Reference: (lim-fo-site) White blood cells concerned mainly with the immune system.

Advanced Reference: Lymphocytes are formed in the lymph nodes as well as in the reticulo-endothelial system. They are divided into two classes: B- and T-cells, the latter being formed in the thymus gland. B-cells produce antibodies.

Lymphoma Quick reference: (lim-foam-a) Condition of the lymph glands.

Advanced Reference: Can be caused by malignant disease or Hodgkin's disease. Diagnosis usually made by lymph node biopsy and treated with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Lysol Quick Reference: (lie-sol) A soapy solution once used as a household disinfectant.

Advanced Reference: It is caustic and highly irritant, hence its withdrawal from general use.

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