Within the hospital setting the operating department is as unique as any other. Therefore, due to its specialised and diverse activities the terminology used will inevitably be specialised and dedicated to tasks performed and the role of the staff.

With this in mind, the decision was made to provide a reference source in the form of a dictionary that deals not only with standard medical/ surgical terms and words but additional jargon that has become an everyday part of perioperative terminology.

Many allied professions have similar text pertaining specifically to their environment and roles, however no such publication is available that exclusively deals with the operating department and its activities. Hence, the production of this book.

It is targeted primarily at student ODPs, those undergoing further training: and existing theatre staff to use as an aid and reference source. It is hoped that student nurses, medical students, junior doctors, surgical ward staff and other colleagues in related departments of X-ray, physiotherapy, bio-engineering/medical physics, medical secretaries, etc. will find the text of value when needing to relate to theatres.

The authors and publisher would welcome submissions, suggestions or any constructive comments towards future editions, please contact us by email via the publishers at [email protected].

T. Williams B. Smith Liverpool, 2004

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