Pyelogram Quick Reference: Radiological examination of the renal pelvis.

Advanced Reference: Radio-opaque dye is injected IV and after approximately 10min X-rays are taken to outline the area. Retrograde pyelogram involves inserting dye into the renal pelvis using a cystoscope and ureteric catheter.

Pylorus Quick Reference: Aperture in the stomach through which food passes into the duodenum.

Advanced Reference: The pylorus is surrounded by a circular muscle (pyloric sphincter) which controls opening and closing of the aperture.

Pyrexia Quick Reference: Fever.

Advanced Reference: Condition in which the body temperature is above normal.

Pyrogen Quick Reference: Any substance which produces a fever.

Advanced Reference: Any substance capable of producing pyrexia or the possibility of a pathogenic reaction. Pyrogens are produced by bacteria during the manufacture and storage of IV fluids and although the bacteria are killed during the sterilisation process, their pyrogenic protein particles are left behind and can lead to reactions.

Pyuria Quick Reference: Pus in the urine.

Advanced Reference: Due to inflammation/infection in the urinary tract.

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