Advanced Reference: Thought to act by inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis and so decreasing the inflammatory response to surgery, etc. and associated pain. Commonly used examples are diclofenac and ketorolac. On a basic level aspirin is also a member of this group.

Noradrenaline Quick Reference: A catecholamine, hormone secreted by the medulla of the adrenal glands.

Advanced Reference: Closely related to adrenaline but not as selective in its actions. A neurotransmitter of the sympathetic nervous system. Noradrenaline is almost entirely concerned with contraction of the arteries and supporting BP.

Normal saline Quick Reference: Indicates an isotonic solution of sodium chloride. Normal is in terms of physiological rather than in chemistry where this represents a totally different strength.

Advanced Reference: An isotonic solution of sodium chloride is 0.9%. Used as an IV maintenance and replacement fluid as well as a vehicle for medications.

Normasol Quick Reference: Proprietary saline solution.

Advanced Reference: Produced in the form of a sterile solution and used to clean burns and minor wounds. Also available in ophthalmic form as an eye wash.

Normothermic/normothermia Quick Reference: (nor-mo-ther-mic) The presence of normal body temperature.

Advanced Reference: When the core body temperature is between 36.5°C and 37.2°C (approximately).

Nose Quick Reference: Organ of smell and air passage.

Advanced Reference: Air is drawn from the exterior via the two nostrils which are separated by the septum, and warmed, humidified and filtered before progressing to the respiratory tract. The lower septum is comprised of cartilage and the upper part of bone. The olfactory nerve conveys sense of smell to the brain.

Nosocomial Quick Reference: Infections that are acquired during hospi-

ry talisation.

^ Advanced Reference: Acquired from either patient or staff source. Includes

■i= bacterial and fungal infections and may be due to an already reduced

2 resistance.

S Nosworthy Quick Reference: (nose-worthy) Type of endotracheal (ET)

■I tube connector.

g- Advanced Reference: Of metal design and now replaced by the stand° ard fitting which are made from plastic/PVC.

g Noxyflex Quick Reference: A proprietary microbial agent.

Advanced Reference: Produced in the form of a powder for reconstitution and often used for wound and cavity washout.


Nubain Quick Reference: Narcotic analgesic drug.

Advanced Reference: Used to treat moderate to severe pain. A preparation of the opiate namely nalbuphine.

Nystagmus Quick Reference: (ni-stig-mus) Involuntary eyeball movement.

Advanced Reference: Both side-to-side and, less commonly, up-and-down movement are involved or a combination of both when a rotary movement occurs. May be due to CNS disease.

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