e o degree of tingling sensations, usually commencing in the arms and legs then spreading throughout the body. The condition is life threatening and can cause total paralysis leaving the patient hospitalised and on a life-support machine.

Bartholin's glands Quick Reference: A pair of glands one on each side of the opening of the vagina that secrete a lubricant.

Advanced Reference: Situated in the labia majora, with their ducts opening outside the vulva. These glands can become infected and cause a painful abscess (Bartholin cyst).

Baseline Quick Reference: The normal value of a reading.

Advanced Reference: Baseline readings can apply to the initial physiological parameters of a patient before surgical, medical or anaesthetic interventions.

Basilic Quick Reference: (bas-il-ic) A prominent vein that runs along the back of the forearm.

Advanced Reference: A vein on the inner side of the arm at the bend of the elbow and is sometimes chosen for venepuncture.

Basket Quick Reference: A Dormia basket is a surgical instrument designed for stone removal.

Advanced Reference: Dormia baskets are used during urological procedures with a cystoscope to retrieve ureteric stones.

Bassini's operation Quick Reference: Reconstruction of the inguinal canal.

Advanced Reference: Carried out during an inguinal hernia repair.

BAWO: Quick Reference: Bilateral antrum wash-out.

Advanced Reference: Involves inserting a cannula under the inferior turbinate in order to flush out fluid, pus, etc. from the maxillary sinus, using saline.

BCC Quick Reference: Basal cell carcinoma.

Advanced Reference: May appear as a nodule or as a small, unstable n ulcerating area with persistent crusting. Depending on size, it may be < removed under local or general anaesthetic (LA and GA, respectively).

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