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Ring block

Ring block Quick Reference: Subcuticular infiltration of local anaesthetic (LA).

Advanced Reference: Used to anaesthetise extremities such as fingers and toes. Involves infiltrating LA subcuticularly around the full circumference of the extremity proximal to the site. Useful for emergency situations prior to toilet and suturing.

Ringers lactate Quick Reference: IV maintenance and replacement solution.

Advanced Reference: IV fluid consisting mainly of normal saline with small amounts of calcium and potassium.

Risk management Quick Reference: Process initially involved with managing health and safety within a department.

Advanced Reference: Involves highlighting an activity and assessing the risks in comparison to need and then making changes and/or substitutions.

Robert-Shaw tube Quick Reference: A double-lumen ET tube with an angled end to right or left.

Advanced Reference: Used and designed for one-lung anaesthesia. Comes in right and left design and varying sizes, with non-disposable being small, medium and large and the disposable type mostly supplied in French gauge. Has two channels and is used with either a single- or double-catheter mount connection to facilitate one- or two-lung ventilation. Both have a tracheal and bronchial cuff. The right-sided version has an eye to facilitate right upper lobe ventilation.

Robinul Quick Reference: A proprietary anticholinergic drug.

Advanced Reference: It is a preparation of glycopyrronium bromide (glycopyrrolate) used in combination with neostigmine for reversal of non-depolarising muscle relaxants.

Rocuronium Quick Reference: Non-depolorising muscle relaxant.

Advanced Reference: Neuromuscular-blocking drug that has a fast onset of action, excreted in the kidneys and chemically similar to vecuronium.

Rodent ulcer Quick Reference: A malignant tumour of the skin.

Advanced Reference: Arises from the basal cells and is usually found on ry the face, particularly in those who have been exposed to the sun. Has the < appearance of a raised ulcer that will not heal. Does not give rise to sec-£ ondary growths in other parts of the body but if left it is capable of spread-2 ing into the bone beneath the skin.

§ Rogitine Quick Reference: Proprietary antihypertensive.

■I Advanced Reference: An alpha-blocker used to treat hypertension and

H heart failure, i.e. phentolamine. o o> Roller-ball Quick Reference: A control clamp on an IV administration set. Ü Advanced Reference: The roller-ball is a controlling clamp fitted to an IV

S. infusion set downstream of the chambers, designed to control the flow of fluid through the giving-set.

Rubber shod

Ronguer Quick Reference: (ron-jure) A surgical instrument used for nibbling bone.

Advanced Reference: Derived from the French word meaning to nibble. Usually used to bite off (nibble) small pieces of bone in orthopaedics and neurosurgery.

Ropivacaine Quick Reference: LA drug.

Advanced Reference: Similar to bupivacaine, but less cardiotoxic.

Rotameter Quick Reference: Trade name of a type of flowmeter.

Advanced Reference: A type of flowmeter used in anaesthetic machines. It consists of a glass-tapered tube (wider at the top) mounted vertically within which a rotating bobbin is free to move up the tube, indicating flow and volume delivered. The tapered shape creates an annular orifice between the bobbin and the walls of the tubing and this orifice increases in size as the bobbin moves up the tube, controlled by the needle valve.

Rotary clamp Quick Reference: Operating table fixation device.

Advanced Reference: Type of fixation clamp used to attach table fittings such as Carter Braine arm rests, back rests, etc. Its design (rotary) allows for adjustment not possible with fixed clamps, e.g. creating low lithotomy, etc. but extra vigilance is required as the nature of the clamp can lead to a less-stable fixation.

Round-bodied needles Quick Reference: Refers to a suture needle which has a rounded shaft but a sharp tapered point for passing through delicate tissues.

Advanced Reference: Round-bodied needles are used for approximation of soft tissues and are designed to separate body tissues rather than cut them. Examples would be when suturing bowel tissues.

Roux-en-Y Quick Reference: (ru-en-why) A type of anastomosis.

Advanced Reference: An anastomosis of the small intestine in the shape of the letter 'Y'. The proximal end of the divided intestine is anasta-mosed end to side to the distal loop and a part of the distal loop is anastomosed to another part of the digestive tract, e.g. the oesophagus.

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