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Common causes are carbonic acid deficit or an excessive amount of bicarbonate. May be classified as respiratory or metabolic.

Allergy Quick Reference: Hypersensitivity to various substances (allergens), e.g. drugs, foods and insect bites.

Advanced Reference: It is due to an antigen-antibody reaction. Hay fever and asthma are examples of an allergic reaction.

Alloferin Quick Reference: Proprietary non-depolarising muscle relaxant. Advanced Reference: Synthetic non-depolarising muscle relaxant with a duration of 20-30 min; is a preparation of alcuronium chloride.

Allograft Quick Reference: Type of graft or transplant.

Advanced Reference: A graft or transplant between different species.

Alloy Quick Reference: To combine metals.

Advanced Reference: A mixture of two or more metals or substances with metallic properties. Those with a medical application include amalgam (mercury and silver) used in tooth fillings, also many are used in the manufacture of joint prosthesis.

Ambu bag Quick Reference: Trade name of a resuscitation device.

Advanced Reference: Used as a general term to indicate airway management devices with a one-way valve used in resuscitation. It is now a general design of devices more generally referred to as bagvalve mask (BVM).

Aminophylline Quick Reference: (amin-off-i-lean) Bronchodilator drug. Advanced Reference: Used to treat moderate forms of asthma and pulmonary oedema.

Amiodarone Quick Reference: Anti-arrhythmic drug, e.g. cordarone.

Advanced Reference: Used to treat resistant SVT. Now available instead of an alternative to lignocaine during cardiac resuscitation.

Ammonia Quick Reference: A colourless pungent gas.

Advanced Reference: Produced by the decomposition of nitrogenous organic matter.

Amnesia Quick Reference: Loss of memory.

Advanced Reference: Caused usually by injury or emotional trauma.

Amniotic Quick Reference: Refers to amniotic fluid inside the pregnant uterus.

Advanced Reference: The amnion is a membranous bag containing the amniotic fluid, a watery liquid in which the baby floats until birth. Amniocentesis is the withdrawal of amniotic fluid from the uterus through the abdominal wall and used for diagnosis of chromosome disorders in the foetus.

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