Advanced Reference: Often used as subcutaneous injection for surgical patients to help prevent DVT.

Minims Quick Reference: Proprietary anticholinergic drug.

Advanced Reference: Available in eye drop form as atropine sulphate. Used to dilate the pupils for purposes of ophthalmic examination.

Miscarriage Quick Reference: The unexpected expulsion of the foetus before it is capable of sustaining independent life.

Advanced Reference: This period in the UK is generally seen as approximately 24-28 weeks. Sometimes used interchangeably with abortion.

Mitral stenosis Quick Reference: Narrowing of the mitral valve.

Advanced Reference: Usually due to inflammation and caused by rheumatic fever. This leaves the valve shrunken and therefore leaks, reducing the efficiency of the heart generally.

Mitral valve Quick Reference: Shaped like a mitre.

Advanced Reference: Also known as the bicuspid valve. Positioned between the left atrium and left ventricle of the heart.

Mivacurium Quick Reference: Non-depolarising muscle relaxant.

Advanced Reference: Relatively short acting but with a slow onset of action. It is broken down by plasma (pseudo)-cholinesterase in the same way as suxamethonium.

Mogadon Quick Reference: Tranquilliser and sedative drug.

Advanced Reference: Mogadon is a preparation of the long-acting benzodiazepine, nitrazepam.

Molar Quick Reference: A back tooth.

Advanced Reference: Specifically indicates the double teeth, also referred to as grinders, of which there are three on either side of the jaw making a total of 12.

Mole Quick Reference: A pigmented spot found on the skin.

Advanced Reference: Also refers to the amount in grams of a substance equal to its molecular weight. Mole indicates mass.

Morbidity Quick Reference: Sickness rate.

Advanced Reference: Indicates the ratio of sick-to-well people in any given community.

Morphine Quick Reference: (mor-feen) Narcotic analgesic.

Advanced Reference: An alkaloid of opium used to treat severe pain. May cause nausea and vomiting, reduces peristalsis. Used also as a premedication.

Mortality Quick Reference: The ratio of deaths to the number of the population in a year.

Muscle relaxant

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