Kinetics Quick Reference: Pertains to or indicates motion.

Advanced Reference: The science of the relations between the motion of bodies and the forces acting upon them.

Kinnins Quick Reference: Substances present in the body and are powerful vasodilators.

Advanced Reference: Also thought to be involved in inducing pain and play a part in the production of allergy and anaphylaxis.

Kiss of life Quick Reference: Also termed mouth-to-mouth or mouth-to-nose.

Advanced Reference: Relates to the expired air method of artificial respiration as used in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Klebsiella Quick Reference: A type of bacteria.

Advanced Reference: Short bacilli, Gram-negative and non-spore-forming bacteria which can cause infection of the lung, intestines and urinary tract.

Knee Quick Reference: The joint between the femur and tibia.

Advanced Reference: A hinge joint formed between the lower end of the femur and the upper end of the tibia.

Knee elbow Quick Reference: Surgical operating position.

Advanced Reference: There are a number of variations to this position which is used mainly for spinal surgery. Involves the patient being placed in a crouched position, sometimes over a frame, with the patient resting on their knees and elbows. Due to the precarious nature of this position, there are many inherent and potential hazards. Also referred to as knee-chest position.

Knife Quick Reference: Surgical scalpel.

Advanced Reference: Indicates both the handle and interchangeable blades used during surgery.

Kochers forceps Quick Reference: (cock-ers) Toothed forceps.

Advanced Reference: A toothed self-retaining forceps used to hold or slippery tissues that require extra grip.

Korotkoff (sounds) Quick Reference: Sounds heard when stethoscope is n placed over the brachial artery. <

Advanced Reference: The sounds are thought to be due to vibration £

caused by blood turbulence within the artery. 2

Kraske's position Quick Reference: (kras-keys) Modification of the prone §

Advanced Reference: Useful in proctological procedures for surgical g-

access to the anal and rectal region. Variation of the jack-knife position. °

KUB Quick Reference: Abbreviation for kidney, ureter and bladder. g

Advanced Reference: Used in radiographical examination to determine S. location, size, shape and malformation of the above organs.

Kuntscher nail

Kuntscher nail Quick Reference: An orthopaedic device used in fracture repair.

Advanced Reference: An intramedullary nail used for long bone fractures such as in the femur.

Kyphosis Quick Reference: (kie-fosis) Curvature of the spine.

Advanced Reference: The curvature is directed in a concave manner directed forward giving a hunchback appearance.

K (vitamin) Quick Reference: Fat-soluble vitamin group involved in blood coagulation.

Advanced Reference: Vitamin K is required for the formation of the enzyme thrombin, without which blood cannot clot. Formed in the body by intestinal bacteria, occurs in green vegetables and there are various synthetic versions. Can only be absorbed in the presence of bile, therefore if the flow of bile is obstructed vitamin K is poorly taken up. Newborn babies are sometimes short of vitamin K and so to prevent bleeding they are given the vitamin until bacteria in the intestine take over.

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