'o Beer's knife Quick Reference: A triangular-shaped knife used in eye surgery. £ Advanced Reference: The Beer's knife has similarities to a diamond

§ knife. Essentially the knife is used to make an incision into the cornea. ■I The curve-shaped incision allows access for removal and replacement of g the lens of the eye. It is named after a German ophthalmologist, G.J. Beer, Q of the 18th century.

c g Belfast roller Quick Reference: A patient transfer device. 8. Advanced Reference: A board-like device that contains rollers of approxi mately 8 ft long, covered with black rubber that rotated on the rollers.

The device was inserted under the patient and a draw sheet, which was pulled by staff and the roller effect transferred the patient onto the receiving surface. Taken out of use in the 1980s, claims were made that the metal rollers caused damage to bony prominences.

Belladonna Quick Reference: Name of a plant and of the alkaloids produced from it.

Advanced Reference: Atropine and hyoscine are the two most well-known drugs from this source.

Bellows Quick Reference: A black concertina cylindrical-shaped rubber device, associated with breathing, contained within a mechanical ventilator.

Advanced Reference: Bellows are the extendable rubber aspect of mechanical ventilators that indicate delivered gas volume to the patient. Present on most ventilators, e.g. Manley, East Radcliffe, etc.

Bell's palsy Quick Reference: Paralysis that occurs down the side of the face.

Advanced Reference: Bell's palsy occurs due to oedema being present around the facial nerve or during facial surgery or by accidental pressure placed on the patients' face while in the prone position.

Benign Quick Reference: (ben-ine) A non-life-threatening tumour that is treatable.

Advanced Reference: A tumour or stricture that is present and treatable. Usually localised and has not spread to other aspects of the body. Benign tumours in the oesophagus on X-ray show a distinct tapering shape compared to malignant tumours showing a significant shape with no tapering.

Bennett's fracture Quick Reference: Fracture of the thumb.

Advanced Reference: Associated with accidental injury by falling onto the adducted thumb towards the palm of the hand. Bennett's fracture describes the initial dislocation of the metacarpal from its base location and a triangular section of the base becomes detached. Treatment involves traction of the thumb and direct pressure on the base to realign the bone fragments, followed by application of a plaster of Paris cast (or scotch cast). Removal of the cast usually occurs around the 4-6-week period.

Benzodiazepines Quick Reference: (ben-zo-die-az-a-peen) A group of drugs that affects the central nervous system.

Advanced Reference: Primarily used as sedatives or hypnotics, e.g. diazepam nitrazepam and lorazepam.

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