Advanced Reference: A notch or hollow situated on the surface of an organ where blood vessels, nerves, etc. enter or leave. The renal hilum at the pelvis of the kidney.

Hirschsprungs Quick Reference: (hairs-sh-prungs) Congenital disease involving abnormal enlargement of the colon.

Advanced Reference: Congenital megacolon, involves a narrowed segment of bowel in the pelvic colon, causing a partial obstruction to the normal passage of faeces into the rectum resulting in dilatation of the bowel above the narrowing. This narrowing is a failure of nerve cell development in the affected area. Technically termed as aganglionic megacolon.

Hirudoid Quick Reference: Proprietary vasodilator and anticoagulant.

Advanced Reference: Intended to improve circulation in conditions such as varicose veins, bruising, etc. Available as a cream or gel for topical application. Its active constituent is a derivative of heparin.

Hist(o)- Quick Reference: Prefix denoting tissue.

Advanced Reference: Also referred to as his- and histo-; all denote tissue; e.g. hist-pathology, study of the changes in tissue due to disease.

Histamine Quick Reference: (hist-a-meen) A naturally occurring chemical in body tissues.

Advanced Reference: Released when tissues are injured causing a reaction in muscle and blood vessels. Sudden release due to reaction or sensitivity is witnessed as redness of skin (urticaria) and can lead to anaphylaxis.

HME Quick Reference: Heat and moisture exchanger.

Advanced Reference: Device placed within the patient anaesthetic circuitry designed to provide humidification using the patients own exhaled moisture and usually incorporates a bacterial filter.

Hodgkin's disease Quick Reference: Disorder of the lymph nodes and spleen.

Advanced Reference: May also affect the bone marrow and other areas involved in the defence against infection. Causes cell proliferation and swelling combined with fever and general sickness while lowering resistance.

Hoffman prism Quick Reference: Intubation aid.

Advanced Reference: A prism that slots onto the laryngoscope blade to aid visualisation during intubation.

Holistic Quick Reference: Indicates an overall approach to patient care. Advanced Reference: An holistic approach to care involves not only attending to the current disease but also the entire physical, psychological and social factors affecting the patient.


Homoeostasis Quick Reference: (home-eo-staysis) Process by which the internal body systems remain within normal limits despite changes in the external environment.

Advanced Reference: Refers to the maintenance and function of the body's physiological state and keeping within normal limits. Mainly includes temperature, acid-base balance, BP, etc.

Hormone Quick Reference: (hor-mone) A chemical (messenger) secreted into the bloodstream by an endocrine gland.

Advanced Reference: A chemical released into the bloodstream by one organ (endocrine ductless gland) and has an effect on the function of other organs and tissues within the body.

Horseshoe Quick Reference: Patient head support used during surgery.

Advanced Reference: Horseshoe-shaped head rest more suitable for use when the patient is in the head-down position. Unlike the head-ring, the gap in the horseshoe allows a space for ET tube, tubing or as a gap to avoid eye pressure, etc. Made of sponge covered with black rubber or clear gel versions.

Hotline Quick Reference: IV fluid warmer.

Advanced Reference: Brand name for a fluid warmer. As fluid passes through it is warmed. Assists in offsetting temperature loss during surgical procedures.

Hudson head harness Quick Reference: Device used to secure/fix ET tube in place.

Advanced Reference: Harness that fits around forehead and secures ET tube and circuit in, e.g. dental surgery.

Human actrapid Quick Reference: Proprietary preparation of synthesised neutral human insulin.

Advanced Reference: Used to treat and maintain diabetic patients. Produced in vials for injection and cartridges for use with a special injector.

Human albumin solution (HAS) Quick Reference: IV solution used as a plasma expander.

Advanced Reference: HAS is a form of pasteurised plasma heated to 60°C and used as a plasma expander.

Hyalase Quick Reference: (hi-al-ase) Form of hyaluronidase.

Advanced Reference: Used to increase the permeability of subcutaneous tissue or muscles into which drugs can be injected. Commonly used when injected drugs have 'tissued' (extravasated). Available as a powder for reconstitution.

Hyaline Quick Reference: Substance that is clear or glass like.

Advanced Reference: Hyaline cartilage is a type of elastic connective tissue composed of special cells in a translucent matrix.

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