Fulguration Quick Reference Cautery

Advanced Reference: The application of diathermy to destroy unwanted 7 areas of tissues, warts, growths, skin tags, etc. ®

Full blood count Quick Reference: FBC. Blood screening carried out to 2 ascertain (normal) state of a patient's blood.

Advanced Reference: Involves blood grouping, cross-matching J (X-matching), clotting times, haemoglobin (Hb) levels, urea and elec- « trolytes (U&E), etc. a g in

Fulminating Quick Reference: Sudden. g

Advanced Reference: In reference to a disease or condition, indicates sudden onset and rapid progress.


Fumigation Quick Reference: Process of burning or volatilising substances.

Advanced Reference: Carried out to produce vapours which destroy infective organisms and vermin.

Fundoplication Quick reference: Surgical procedure. Nissen fundoplication is the wrapping of the fundus of the stomach around the oesophagus at the gastric-oesophageal junction.

Advanced Reference: Indicated for severe gastro-oesophageal reflux. Commonly in children who have an inadequate anti-reflux barrier.

Fundus Quick Reference: The part of a hollow remote from its opening.

Advanced Reference: The base of an organ. The top of the uterus furthest from the cervix.

Fungus Quick Reference: A simple kind of plant life.

Advanced Reference: Closely related to bacteria. Are parasites that live on other plants and animals. The cause of fungal diseases, usually superficial infections of the skin (ringworm) and mucous membrane (thrush). Moulds and yeasts are examples. Some antibiotics are produced by moulds.

Fusion Quick Reference: Surgical fixation of a joint.

Advanced Reference: An example is spinal fusion which involves bridging adjacent vertebrae with a bone graft to prevent movement.

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