Dupuytren's Quick Reference: (dupe-ya-trons) Painless thickening of the ^

connective tissue of the palm. Dep

Advanced Reference: Involves the palmer fascia and the contracture can t?

cause permanent bending and fixation of one or more fingers. Can be |j due to many causes including trauma. Surgical correction involves S. a palmer fasciectomy.


Dura Quick Reference: The dura mater.

Advanced Reference: The outermost and toughest of the three meningeal membranes which surround the brain and spinal cord.

DVT Quick Reference: Deep vein thrombosis. Formation of a thrombus (blood clot) in the veins, e.g. the inner thigh or lower leg.

Advanced Reference: Becomes dangerous if and when the clot breaks free and travels (embolus) through the circulatory system to the lung. Many measures are utilised to help prevent DVT formation, i.e. heparin, heel pad, support stockings, etc.

Dynamic hip screw Quick Reference: DHS, a metal internal fixation device used to stabilise certain proximal fractures of the femur.

Advanced Reference: Designed to provide strong and stable internal fixation for a variety of fractures of the neck of femur.

Dynamo Quick Reference: Power or strength.

Advanced Reference: Commonly, a device that generates electricity.

Dys Quick Reference: (dis) Prefix indicating 'bad'.

Advanced Reference: In medical terms the implied sense is 'difficult'.

Dysphagia Quick Reference: (dis-fay-gea) Difficulty in swallowing.

Advanced Reference: Can be a symptom of blockage or muscle spasm of the oesophagus.

Dyspnoea Quick Reference: (dis-p-nea) Difficulty in breathing.

Advanced Reference: Undue shortness of breath or laboured breathing.

Dysrhythmia Quick Reference: (dis-rith-mia) Abnormal heart rhythm.

Advanced Reference: Term used to indicate disordered or disorganised heart rhythms.

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