Dicrotic notch Quick Reference A double beat

Advanced Reference: Is when an artery expands a second time giving rise to a dicrotic beat (notch) as seen on an invasive arterial monitoring trace. Happens when the output from the heart is forceful and the tension of the pulse is low.

Diethyl ether Quick Reference: (die-eth-al) A general anaesthetic (GA) agent.

Advanced Reference: Anaesthetic ether. Is flammable and explosive in the presence of oxygen. Causes nausea, vomiting.

Diffuse Quick Reference: Scattered or widespread.

Advanced Reference: The opposite to diffuse being localised.

Diffusion Quick Reference: Spontaneous movement of molecules in a liquid or gas.

Advanced Reference: The distribution leads to an equalising out with the intention of reaching a uniform concentration. As with gas exchange in the lungs between oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Digestion Quick Reference: The process of breaking down food in the stomach and intestines.

Advanced Reference: The food is broken down into soluble and diffusible products capable of being absorbed by the blood.

Digoxin Quick Reference: Heart stimulant.

Advanced Reference: Derived from the Digitalis plant. Regulates and strengthens heartbeat.

Dilatation Quick Reference: The process of stretching a constricted passage.

Advanced Reference: Strictures occur in the urethra which have to be dilated. Anal dilatation involves stretching of the muscle fibres. There are numerous dilators, specific to their intended use.

Diltiazem Quick Reference: Vasodilator and calcium antagonist drug, e.g. tildiem.

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