Damage mechanisms (axonal), 158-159 axonal destruction execution pathways, 159 axonal injury triggers, 158-159 overviews and summaries, 158 Damaged neuron assessments, 374-376, 375f, 376t amyloid precursor protein immunochemistry, 374-376,

375f, 376t cerebrospinal fluid surrogates, 374-376 DAP and AD comparisons, 148 Defects (axonal), 306-311 central nervous system, 309-311, 310f peripheral nervous system, 306-308 Degeneration (axonal). See also under individual topics. calcium influx molecular mechanisms, 275-292 calpain roles, 293-303 histopathological evidence, 165-184 inflammation, 241-253 natural history, 185-200

nitric oxide, 255-273 outcome predictors, 373-387 DeLuca, Gabriele C., 373-387 Demyelinated axons, 103 Demyelation mechanisms, 162 Demyelinated plaques, 156-158, 156f-157f Demyelinated ra. myelinated axons, 62-65, 63f Demyelinated ra. remyelinated axons, 85-100 Dendrites, 23 Dendritic cells, 243

Depolarization, 259-260, 259f, 277-280, 278f-279f Destruction execution pathways (axonal), 159 Developmental matching (glia-axon interfaces), 30-33 Developmental processes (central nervous system),

327-328 Diameters (axonal), 39 Diem, Ricarda, 327-339 Diffusion tensor imaging, 195, 207-208 Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging, 217-219 Disease burden contributions (cortical lesions), 179 Disease prognoses and progression, 237 Disease severity-atrophy relationships, 208-210, 209t Distal effects (myelination), 35-37, 36f DTI. See Diffusion tensor imaging. Dying-back, 348

Dysmyelinating mutant mice studies, 65

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