Other Transportation Issues

An individual with MS looking for alternative transportation might want to consider the following:

• Personal safety

• Sense of security

• Weather conditions and exposure to extreme heat

• Physical stamina for the distance and length of time of travel

• Required transfer and access to public restrooms

• Planning and executing a route

• Need for a companion or care giver

• Knowing the accessibility of the environment at your destination

• Exposure to danger such as pedestrian/ traffic collisions and safety around strangers

Community accessible transportation might include:

• Public/paratransit systems:

- Taxi programs

- Greyhound and Trailways buses

- Regional reduced fare permits

- Special qualifications and fare criteria

• Special services such as when the driver is responsible to be with you at all times

- Priority seating

- Early reservations for accessible seating or wheelchair space

- Car rental agencies can provide fully equipped automobiles with a prior reservation

- Wheelchair accessible van rentals

- Cabulance

• Airplanes—The Air Carrier Access Act prevents airlines from discriminating directly or through a contractual arrangement against people with disabil ities; this affects all domestic air carriers and all airport facilities:

- Special boarding chairs

- Advance notice requirements

- Seating assignments

- Airline liability for equipment

- Boarding assistance

- Transfer and lifting

- Equipment and storage

- Accommodations for use of the lavatories

- Lifts and platforms for boarding and detraining

- Bridging ramps and level boarding for the gap of space

- Accessible seating

- Accessible restrooms

- Access to decks via ramps

- Elevators

- Overhead loading ramps

- Accessible bathrooms

- Disability travel permits with reduced fares

Depending on your own personal circumstances and need to travel within or outside your community, there are a variety of accessible transportation options. Many of the resources for finding accessible services are available on the Internet and may only take a call or two for you to get details in assisting you to plan your trip.

The following are a few resources to consider:

- www.amtrak.com/plan/tips.html

- www.emerginghorizons.com

- www.gimponthego.com

- www.access-able.com

- www.greyhound.com

• Accessible vans:

- www.accessiblevan.com

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