Myeloid Antigen Expression in B and TALL

Myeloid antigen expression can be seen in all subtypes of ALL, although it is usually absent in mature B-ALL. CD65(s) together with CD15(s) is more common in the CD10- subtype, whereas CD33 and/or CD13 is more common in CD10+ B-lineage ALL. In children, the expression of myeloid antigens when compared with myeloid antigen-negative ALL lacks prognostic significance.193,194 In adults, studies on large cohorts of homoge-nously treated patients with a comprehensive panel of myeloid antigens have not yet been analyzed; however, ECOG has recently initiated an interim analysis of study E2993 on over 300 patients with adult ALL, so that relevant data may soon be available. It is important to note that the incidence of myeloid antigen expression in ALL is quite high, above 50 percent in CD10-B-lineage ALL199 and about 30 percent in CD10+ Early Pre-B ALL or T-lineage ALL,194 provided that a comprehensive panel of myeloid antibodies is tested: CD33, CD13, CD65(s), CD15(s), CD11b, and CD14.

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