John T Reilly Maria Messinezy and Thomas C Pearson

Table 10-2. The Diagnostic Criteria of Essential Thrombocythemia

1. Platelet count above 600 x 109/L (trial); above 400 x 109/L (clinical)

2. No cause of a secondary "reactive" thrombocytosis

3. Normal red cell mass if hematocrit above 51 percent in males, above 47 percent in females, and in those with high normal hematocrit and demonstrable splenomegaly

4. Stainable iron in marrow or normal serum ferritin or normal red cell mean corpuscular volume (if measurement suggests iron deficiency, polycythemia vera cannot be excluded unless a trial of iron therapy fails to increase the red cell mass into the erythrocytotic range)

5. No Philadelphia chromosome or bcr/abl gene rearrangement

6. No histological evidence to support polycythemia vera or chronic idiopathic myelofibrosis

7. No cytogenetic or morphological evidence of a myelodysplas-tic syndrome

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