Abbreviations: PV, polycythemia vera; CML, chronic myelocytic

leukemia; ET, essential thrombocythemia.

increased fibrosis can occur in PV, ET, and chronic myelocytic leukemia, myelofibrotic transformations of these conditions can also occur with features resembling CIMF. Myelofibrosis associated with primary myelodysplastic syndromes can cause diagnostic difficulties14 and should be suspected if granulopoiesis and erythropoiesis are dysplastic. Thiele and colleagues12 have also emphasized the existence of a prefibrotic stage of myelofibrosis that is characterized by a hypercellular marrow containing increased numbers of dysplastic megakary-ocytes. This challenging view, which has been discussed earlier, if confirmed could necessitate a reevaluation of published data.

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