AMLs are defined immunologically by the expression of two or more of the following myelomonocytic markers: anti-MPO, CD13, CD33, CDw65, and CD117. Anti-MPO is the most specific marker for the myeloid lineage.69 Correlation of the immunological profiles with the various AML subtypes according to the FAB classification is suboptimal.70 However acute myeloblastic leukemia without maturation (M0), acute megakaryoblastic leukemia (M7), and acute erythroleukemia (M6) could be unequivocally defined by the immunopheno-type.28,71 Immunophenotyping of AMLs also identifies aberrant expression of lymphoid antigens in some cases. The significance of this expression is controversial.70,72,73

In a recent experience with 382 adult de novo AML patients from ECOG studies, 95 patients were identified with a unique antigen profile characterized by high expression of CD11b. Those patients had a low response rate (54 percent) when compared with AmoL (82 percent) or AML overall (68 percent), independent of age, cytogenetic abnormalities, and p-glycopro-tein expression.74

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