Arterial O2 saturation Ferritin

B12 and folate Urea and creatinine Liver function tests Uric acid Chest x-ray Abdominal ultrasound

Bone marrow aspirate/trephine Bone marrow karyotype BFU-E

Serum Epo estimation

Lung function tests*


Sleep studies*

O2 dissociation curve (P50)*

Epo receptor mutation analysis*

Abbreviations: FBC, full blood count; BFU-E, burst forming unit erythroid. a Stage 1 investigations are more general, inexpensive tests aimed at picking up secondary causes. Stage 2 investigations are more specific tests either specifically aimed at proving or disproving a diagnosis of PV, or * may be suggested by the results of stage 1 tests and/or the patient history.

(From Pearson et al.,88 with permission.)

catabolism, or an increased basal hepatic production of Epo.94 Patients with PV, like other MPDs, often manifest clinical gout and a raised serum uric acid is common at presentation.

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