Edited By Peter H Wiernik John M Goldman Janice P Dutcher Robert A Kyle


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In the fourth edition of this classic work on malignant blood cancers, Drs. Peter H. Wiernik, John M. Goldman, Janice P. Dutcher, and Robert A. Kyle, and more than 100 international leaders in the field provide a comprehensive text on the diagnosis and treatment of all hematologic malignancies, both common and rare. The sixty-two chapters are divided into sections on Chronic Leukemias and Related Disorders, Acute Leukemias, Myeloma and Related Disorders, Lymphomas, and Supportive Care, with a devoted editor for each section. This extensively revised and updated edition reflects the tremendous progress in the science and treatment of hematologic malignancies during the eight years since the third edition in 1995. Revisions and new chapters include coverage of stem cell transplantation, molecular genetics, monoclonal antibodies, and other new treatment modalities. This comprehensive treatise on the laboratory and clinical aspects of all hematologic neoplasms includes up-to-date treatment recommendations and thorough discussions of etiology, pathogenesis, and clinical aspects. Written by authors involved first-hand in the clinical and research data presented here, this encyclopedic text is an essential reference for all hema-tologists and oncologists.

Praise for previous editions:

"No other current text covers the spectrum of hematologic neoplasia as comprehensively."

—Journal of the American Medical Association

"... one of the best (if not the best) general reference sources on the clinical aspects of hematologic neoplastic diseases."

—New England Journal of Medicine

". . . this compendium will be an excellent reference source for physicians who are interested in neoplastic hematologic diseases."

—Mayo Clinic Proceedings

"Those with a.. . specific interest in the hematologic malignancies will wish to have their own personal copies."

—Annals of Internal Medicine

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