Commitment to the Lymphoid Lineage

Models of lymphoid cell development have long been based on phenotypic features of leukemic lymphoblasts.245-247 Janossy et al.248 detected normal bone marrow cells that exhibited anti-genic similarities with ALL blasts, and multiparameter flow cytometry and cell sorting have subsequently identified normal transitional stages in lymphopoiesis. Particularly for B-lym-phopoiesis, these analyses have corrected previously accepted diagrams of antigen expression. Multiparameter and quantitative flow cytometry suggest that leukemic immunophenotypes do not represent malignant counterparts of normal hematopoi-etic precursor stages. Rather than attempting to provide a complete summary of lymphoid antigens, the description in this section will be limited to antigens of apparent significance in acute leukemia diagnosis, prognosis, or treatment. For the same reason, the dendritic cell lineage will not be discussed in detail.

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