CD11bPositive Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Several studies had suggested the integrin CD11b as a marker of shortened survival in AML,26-29 when ECOG initiated a retrospective outcome-driven database analysis on CD11b-positive AML.25 Expression of CD11b by 32 percent or more of blast cells was the statistically defined cutoff point that distinguished between responders and treatment failures. CD11b-positive myeloblasts characteristically express HLA-DR, are frequently CD117-positive, with or without concomitant expression of CD34, and lack CD14. Whereas CD33 and CD13 are invariably present, low or lacking expression of CD65(s) can be noted in some instances. In terms of clinical response, CD11b-positive AML shows a significantly lower response rate than other AML subtypes. Similarly, Del Poeta et al.399 confirmed an independent negative effect of CD11b on complete remission rate, which, however, was confined to the AML group over the age of 60 years.

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