Figure 6-4. Expression of p53 protein following DNA damage results in upregulation of a large number of genes, including P21 and BAX, leading to cell cycle arrest or apoptosis.

juxtaposed to the immunoglobulin heavy-chain locus; BC211A interacts with BCL6. Both are transcriptional repressors.45

The existence of the t(11:14) translocation in CLL is controversial. In almost all reported cases, lymphocyte morphology is atypical and the immunophenotype is more consistent with mantle-cell lymphoma than with CLL.


Structural abnormalities of chromosome 6 predominantly involve the long arm and comprise deletions affecting bands q21, q23, q25 to 27, or more rarely, translocations that also involve a variety of breakpoints.

The incidence of chromosome 6q deletions was 6 percent in a cytogenetic analysis of 662 cases and 7 percent in a FISH analysis of 285 patients using a YAC probe mapping to band 6q21.46 Merup et al.8 observed a minimally deleted region between the microsatellite markers D6S283 and D6S270, which includes the candidate gene TLX, a member of the nuclear steroid receptor superfamily.

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