Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia With Minimal Differentiation M1

Poorly differentiated myeloblasts are the predominant nonery-throid cell type (type I and type II). Rarely, a case of Ml may present with the majority of blasts being type III. Auer rods may present consistent with the diagnosis (Plate 14-9). More than 3 percent of these blast cells are MPO or SBB positive by conventional cytochemistry (Plate 14-10). The low percentage of MPO-positive (3 to 10 percent) Ml cases may constitute up to 25 percent of all M1 cases.80 In such cases M1 should be differentiated from ALL L2, acute megakaryoblastic leukemia, and acute monoblastic leukemia without differentiation (M5a). Cytochemical stains and immunophenotyping are necessary for the differential diagnosis. Immunophenotyping to confirm the myeloid nature of blasts is recommended.

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