Common Precursor Cell for B T Natural Killer and Dendritic Cells and Possibly Myeloid Cells

CD34+CD10+CD45RA+ bone marrow progenitors lacking any other lineage-affiliated markers are capable of developing into B, T, NK, and lymphoid dendritic cells (DC).249 Thus, CD10 is the earliest B lineage-affiliated antigen to appear at this level of nonlineage commitment and is lost during B lymphopoiesis as cells acquire surface immunoglobulins (Ig). It is lost immediately if differentiation occurs along T- and NK-cell lineages. The CD10 antigen can be found in a substantial fraction of T- ALL cases, in which it confers improved disease-free survival,30,31 as well as in rare cases of CD56+ NK-ALL with T- or B-lineage marker expression.250 CD34+CD127(IL-7 receptor)+TdT+ CD10+ lymphoid progenitors, expressing the genes for recom-binase-activating gene (RAG)-1 and CD79b, were demonstrated to give rise to CD19+ early B-lymphocytes.251 Another study described CD34+ bone marrow cells expressing the CXCR4 chemokine receptor for stromal cell-derived factor-1, which developed into cells of the B- and T-lineages but not into cells of the myeloid-erythroid lineages.252 Miller et al.253 described a possibly even more primitive cell of CD34+ lin-CD38- phenotype, which, when cultured on murine fetal liver cells and supported by a mixture of cytokines, developed into B, NK, DC, or myeloid cells.

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