Multifunctional Pigmented Nail Enamel

As stated earlier, nail enamel is multifunctional by nature. Yet in today's marketplace nail enamel is marketed under two different positionings: therapeutic and fashion. In the fashion positioning any number of niches exist, ranging from plain clear polish to "street colors" favored by kids to elegant frosted enamels worn for special occasions. Most often however, colors are chosen to complement a shade of garment to be worn. This connection between nail enamel colors and fashion trends in clothing requires the marketer of products in this positioning to update shade offerings as often as four times a year. Customers of nail enamel tend to be |

fashion astute and will buy new shades every season.

In the therapeutically positioned category, an active ingredient is usually included from the group of substances used in the nail-strengthening products dis- |

t cussed later in this chapter. These active ingredients include fluoride compounds, which give strength to the nail by cross-linking with calcium in the nail [9], formaldehyde, which is believed to cross-link with disulfide bonds in the nail, thus increasing nail strength, and higher molecular weight nitrocellulose compounds. You also see advertising for nail polish containing additional gimmicky ingredients that most likely sound more effective than they actually are.

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