The 1990s provided the global personal care industry with a multitude of multifunctional cosmetic products for hair, skin, nails, and other areas. This trend will continue certainly into the first decade of the new millennium and beyond. Therefore, this chapter was written to aid cosmetic chemists in successfully developing testing programs for multiclaim substantiation. It is important for cosmetic chemists to have an awareness of these specialized claim support techniques because the increasingly vigilant marketplace [i.e., Federal Trade Commission (FTC), National Advertising Division of the Better Business Bureau (NAD), Food and Drug Administration (FDA)] will no doubt "gently" direct manufacturers to develop claims that are scientifically based and defensible, along with a strong profile of safety data prior to market launch. Following a review of the current tenets of safety testing, specific examples of claims substantiation for multifunctional personal and skin care products are described. The chapter concludes by describing what approaches (such as molecular biology) may be used for developing novel product efficacy support in the future.

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