Figure 12 Laureth-7 citrate.

The sequestering properties were investigated by Diez et al [19], who found a chelating value expressed as molar efficiency of 23-27% [19]. Clearly, there is some sequestering ability for this surfactant; however the efficiency is low.

To study the oil-removing (cleansing) properties of laureth-7 citrate, a cleansing test was performed in which fabric served as a model. The fabric was impregnated with silicone oil (dimethicone) and washed with a 5% surfactant solution. The fabric was dried, and gravimetric analysis of the oil removal was assayed. The results are given in Fig. 13 for the three surfactants tested (sodium laureth-3 sulfate, disodium PEG-5 laurylcitrate sulfosuccinate, laureth-7 citrate, and water as a blank). Laureth-7 citrate offers deep cleansing and is recommended in shampoos for greasy hair. Its extreme mildness and its ability to remove dimeth-icone efficiently make possible an additional benefit in two-in-one formulations, namely, the prevention of buildup.

Furthermore, when the static decay method described earlier was used, Lau-reth-7 citrate gave a surprising result of 6.76 seconds. This was highly unexpected and may be explained by the same hydrogen bonding mechanism described next for is the diacetyltartaric acid ester of glycerol monostearate (INCI name: DATEM).

Suitable in shampoo formulations for enhanced body and manageability, DATEM offers improved combing properties while enhancing the deposition of conditioning additives or actives.

Food additives are a natural choice for cosmetic ingredients owing to their excellent toxicological profiles. DATEM, food additive that has proven itself functional in cosmetic formulations, provide improvement of combability, detangling, and feel for both wet and dry hair. It is now confirmed through Fourier transform |

infrared (FTIR) studies that DATEM associates with proteins through hydrogen |

bonding of the polar amino acid residues and the carbonyl groups of DATEM as shown in Fig. 14, a schematic representation of the association of DATEM and the ^

protein structure of hair. The normal absorption frequency is shifted by 2.5 cm1 s with a weakening of the carbonyl peak clearly evident as well. J


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