Regardless of the term chosen, or the regulations to follow, multifunctional "cosmeceutical" products are an essential part of the cosmetic and toiletry market. Their development and use will increase in coming years. The key to preserving the multifunctional character of cosmeceutical products is to take the time to obtain all the essential information about the actives and product excipients before starting formulation. This information should be used to develop a formulation plan. Initial formulations should be very simple, and built around the actives to ensure active efficacy. When one is creating or evaluating any multifunctional cos-meceutical product, it is important to assess the following parameters [15]:

1. The actives present in the product are in forms that the skin can use to achieve the claimed benefits.

2. The actives present in the product are at a high enough concentration to render a benefit after product application under normal use conditions, and for expected skin sites and types.

3. The actives present in the product are stable in the product for as long as the consumer is expected to take to finish it.

4. The delivery system chosen for the actives, and the recommended use conditions, allow the actives to be delivered in a manner that will yield therapeutic benefits. For example, will a wash-off or a leave-on type of product better allow the active to render its therapeutic benefits?

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How To Deal With Rosacea and Eczema

How To Deal With Rosacea and Eczema

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