Single nucleotide polymorphism SNP typing

A random match probability of mtDNA types (HV-I/HV-II types) is estimated to be about 0.5-1% (Lutz et al., 1998; Budowle et al., 1999; Umetsu and Yuasa, 2005). However, this value is an average of all mtDNA types, and for a particular mtDNA type the chance that a random individual will share the same type depends greatly upon the relative rarity of that particular mtDNA type (Holland and Parsons, 1999). Indeed, the overall distribution of mtDNA types in many populations studied to date is highly skewed towards very rare types (Parsons and Coble, 2001). For example, of 1175 different mtDNA types in the US Caucasian populations, 982 types are unique (Parsons and a tRNAG/u —►f^-cytochrome bgene-►h—tRNAThr tRNAG/u —►f^-cytochrome bgene-►h—tRNAThr



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